FemBioBiz participant: Dr Tulonga Ndemuweda

Dr Tulonga Ndemuweda - Tulo Oral Care Toothpaste


There is a plant used in Namibia Diospyros lycioides, which has been used by Namibian indigenous people for centuries as a tooth cleaning and strengthening mechanism. Dr Ndemuweda decided to conduct research on the plant in 2016 and the findings were briefly as follows:

- People who used this plant although not using toothpaste showed a decreased incidence of tooth caries; in addition, it was also found to have antibacterial properties and minimal toxicity to oral cells.

- These factors are all beneficial for good oral health. Dr Ndemuweda wants to create a toothpaste that would be used by people from all spheres of life, catering to the basic oral needs of the population most commonly seen in our state facilities.

- The end product is a toothpaste that is herbal based and offers the similar advantages as existing toothpastes on the market at a cheaper price, while offering the same benefits.