FemBioBiz participant: Esther Ndatitangi Shikomba

Esther Ndatitangi Shikomba


reusable sanitary pads

Esther is envisioning a social business that aims to manufacture and sell reusable sanitary pads. The business aims to provide an accessible, appropriate and affordable way for school girs and low income women to manage their menstruation with dignity. The A-star pad will first be introduced to Ondangwa (Namibia) and later entire Namibia, and further beyond the borders as this is not just a Namibian problem.

Most sanitary pads in the Namibian market are too expensive for girls in the rural and township schools. Girls may stay away from school or leave school before the end of the school day during their menstruation because they lack sanitary pads - and some drop out due to the accumulation of lost school days. These girls may use other unsafe options such as dry leaves, newspaper, t-shirt cloths and others materials, which may lead to various health problems.

The A-star pad is a washable, reusable, durable and absorbent patch, very comfortable for ladies to use.