FemBioBiz participant: Iyaloo Sheyavali

Iyaloo Sheyavali - Eenhanga Food Processing (Ltd)


Iyaloo will run company that manufactures a wide range of products made from Kalahari melon seeds, mainly seed nut butter, which resembles peanut butter in many ways, and Kalahari melon seed flour that can be used as an ingredient in processed products that require thickening agents.

Kalahari melon seeds are tasty and highly nutritious, with endless vitamins that can be used as an excellent means to fight malnutrition and related diseases, such as marasmus and kwashiorkor, as well as complement Namibia’s starch-based diets and improve people’s health and way of life for those people that are allergic to peanuts. The company wishes to be Namibia’s largest Kalahari melon seeds processor.