Lean Entrepreneur in Biosciences training course – A Student Ambassador’s perspective

Speed networking at the training

This article is courtesy of our SANBio Student Ambassador for Namibia, Hatago Aibate Stuurmann, who participated in our latest training workshop.

The NEPAD-SANBio/BioFISA II programme organized a Lean Entrepreneur workshop for the third time on 10-14 October 2016. The five day workshop aimed at supporting proposal development of research projects from nine countries in the Southern African region.

SANBio Student Ambassador for South Africa – Ms Thokozani Sikhosana

Thokozani Sikhosana

 We asked our newest Student Ambassador to write an introductory piece in her new role. We are also looking for additional Student Ambassadors in Southern Africa. For more information on the Student Ambassador Scheme, click here.


Dear fellow students and researchers,

I am overjoyed to have been selected as the SANBio Student Ambassador for South Africa.

Presenting the Second Student Ambassador – Ms. Joyce Fati Masvaya from Zimbabwe

Joyce Fati Masvaya

“I am overjoyed to have been selected as the SANBio Student Ambassador for Zimbabwe. The team that will work with me during my tenure as the Ambassador comprises institution-level student ambassadors that include Ms Melissa Chimuchembere from the University of Zimbabwe, Ms Nomsa Kitikiti, Mr Kumbirai Luka and Mr Bongani Ndlovu, the latter four being from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST),” Ms. Joyce Masvaya proclaims.

Presenting the First SANBio Student Ambassador: Kareem Longwe from Malawi

Kareem Longwe

"Malawi is currently facing uncountable challenges ranging from food insecurity, malnutrition, forex, intermittent power supply, and water shortages. Climate change and population growth is predicted to make the problems worse in Malawi. Biosciences can play a vital role in improving the livelihoods and well-being of the communities,” explains Kareem Longwe, SANBio’s first Student Ambassador.