A Wealth of Energy and Experience: Profiling Prof Olubukola Babalola (NRF rated)

Prof Olubukola Babalola

We would like to introduce to you Professor Olubukola Babalola, the Director for the Food Security and Safety Niche area and the Principal Investigator Department of Microbial Laboratory at the NWU Mafikeng Campus. We are glad she also participated in the SANBio Annual Event in February 2017 as a speaker.

Boston Study Tour – Part 1: The Legal Landscape

Study tour

Intellectual property, regulations, and attorney fees

Boston, an area of 124 square kilometres has a remarkably large number of attorney firms with new firms established frequently. One would wonder how so many lawyers could be established in such a small space and still be profitable, but when one looks deeper into the Boston biotech ecosystem, the reasons become rather obvious. This is because in an area of just over 124 square kilometres, there are at least 900+ companies with some big brands such as Vertex established here.

Launch of FemBioBiz Acceleration Programme - SANBio empowering Female-owned Bio-Businesses


An acceleration programme aimed at supporting women in biosciences was launched on 21 February 2017, during the SANBio Annual Event 2017, by the NEPAD Southern Africa Network for Biosciences (SANBio) with support from the BioFISA II programme.       

SANBio is a platform for shared biosciences research, development and innovation to address health and nutrition issues of Southern Africa and it is hosted by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa.