Trailblazing in TB Diagnostics: Profiling Ms Khilona Radia

Khilona Radia

The SANBio–BioFISA II Programme is fortunate to have female project leaders supervising some of the grants in their funding portfolio. In this profile we focus on Khilona Radia, the co-founder of Antrum Biotech, a University of Cape Town spin-off specialising in Healthcare Innovation.

Innovative vaccines and entrepreneurial spirit: Profiling Dr. Sibongile Gumbi

Dr Sibongile Gumbi

Dr Sibongile Gumbi is the Founder and CEO of iVac Biotherapeutics, a vaccine manufacturing startup. She holds a PhD in Pharmacology (University of Cape Town), certificates in finance, intellectual property and technology management, as well as an EMBA from IMD in Switzerland.

Roots in Mozambique, experience from abroad, inspiration for the region – Profiling Dr Claudia Baule

Dr Claudia Baule

During our recent visit to Mozambique, we met with Dr Claudia Baule (DVM, PhD). Her enthusiasm towards biosciences presented an excellent chance to interview her more closely on her career as a scientist as well as her views on the role of biosciences not only in Mozambique but in the whole Southern Africa region. Due to the length of the interview, the below is a shortened version, and the full article can be found here.