Stellenbosch University - Diploma Programme in Sustainable Development

Our world is in transition. Since 2009, investments in renewable energy have exceeded the investments in fossil fuels, demonstrating a growing awareness of the vulnerability of the earth and of the need to use its resources sustainably. As a result, in 2015, the world adopted the Sustainable Development Goals, committing the global family to eradicating poverty. Young people starting out in the world of work today find that they have to rely on their own abilities to inspire, network, create and efficiently organise across sectors.

The Diploma in Sustainable Development, a Stellenbosch University programme, aims to address the great challenge we face in the world today by empowering a new generation of responsible entrepreneurs who understand the world we live in, have the skills to be a part of the kinds of organisations that are appropriate to fast changing contexts, and have a set of values that equips them for action in a complex world.

The programme is designed to ground students in sustainability and entrepreneurship literature for future social impact and ecological restoration.

Application deadline extended to end September 2018.


2019 Prospectus

2019 Summary