2019 EDF Pulse Africa Awards for African start-ups


You are an African STARTUP or SME and you are developing innovative projects into the energy sector. Be part of the 3rd edition of the EDF Pulse Africa Awards!

EDF is exporting its Innovations Awards in Africa with the ambition to support and assist African innovators, those really playing a role in energy development.

For this edition, there will be awarded 3 prizes for the best innovative projects submitted by participants (African start-up, micro companies and SME) , and applicable to the following areas:

  • Off-grid electricity production: any innovation that produces and/or stores electricity off grid
  • Electricity services and usages: any service that enables to expand electrification and any innovative product with low power consumption; recoverable by users of electricity services
  • Water access: any innovative solution that improves access to water through electricity ( agriculture, drinking water)  


EDF Pulse Africa awards are meant for you if :

  • You are an African start-up or SME that exists legally before  8th July and  located in Africa
  • You own an innovative project at a very advanced stage which uses or produces electricity in the following areas : Off-grid electricity ; Electricity services and usages production ; Water access.

For more information, please visit: https://africa-pulse.edf.com/en/meta-home/edf-pulse-africa

Deadline for applications: 6 July 2019