Commercialisation of a Nutritious Instant and Ready-to-Mix Product (Nutri-drink) from Indigenous Food Ingredients

Commercialisation of a Nutritious Instant and Ready-to-Mix Product (Nutri-drink) from Indigenous Food Ingredients



The goal of the SADC Food and Nutrition Security Strategy 2025 is to significantly reduce food and nutrition insecurity in the region by 2025. Nutrient deficiency is highly reported in the SADC region, and the key nutrients that are deficient in children include protein, iron, zinc and vitamin A. The just-add-water Nutri-drink premix has been developed as a nutrient dense indigenous food product to address micronutrient deficiencies in children, pregnant women, vulnerable adults, the elderly as well as individuals who would like to maintain their health. It is an instant powder prepared from legumes, as a source of protein, leafy vegetables and other vegetables which are sources of pro-vitamin A, as well as sorghum which is a source of minerals.


The Project Involves

  • Test marketing of the Nutri-drink to evaluate market potential and broad consumer acceptability. The Nutri-drink was acceptable to school children in the Eastern Cape when it was initially evaluated.
  • Transfer of technology for manufacturing the Nutri-drink to the commercialisation partner in South Africa, Elvema Nutrition (Pty) Ltd, who are currently manufacturing their other products in an accredited facility.
  • In Botswana, NAPRO (NFTRC commercialisation partner) will facilitate the training of food processing entrepreneurs in the production of a variant of the Nutri-drink product.
  • Establishing a supply chain for the Nutri-drink ingredients and sourcing the raw materials.
  • Conducting techno-economic evaluation of the Nutri-drink will help determine the final price of the product once it is scaled up and a supply chain is maintained.



The main impact of the project will be improved nutrient intake using a convenient product that uses various indigenous crops. The production of the crops by communities will lead to improved food and nutrition security through job creation in agriculture, as well as post¨harvest processing of raw materials to stable ingredients that can be used to formulate the Nutri-drink. The model and approaches of the project have been shown to be effective tools for promoting diversity of crops grown by community, which also leads to food diversity, nutrition security and promotion of healthy living.


Project Team

Dr Nomusa R. Dlamini

Project Leader and Coordinator

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) - South Africa


Dr Minah M. Mosele

Project Coordinator

National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC) - Botswana


Ms Makekele Somo

Commercialisation Coordinator

Elvema Nutrition (Ply) Ltd - South Africa

Project Type

Seed project

Countries involved