Advancing a simple and rapid field test for bovine brucellosis

Advancing a simple and rapid field test for bovine brucellosis



Brucellosis is a serious neglected tropical disease and is recognised as an emerging zoonosis. The most common clinical signs of cattle infected with B. abortus are high incidences of abortions, arthritic joints, retained placenta, and infertility. Brucellosis is also transmitted from cattle to humans causing severe fever-like illness. Bovine brucellosis occurs throughout Africa and most developing countries worldwide, and bovine brucellosis prevalence reaches 53% in some Southern African regions.


The Project Involves

  • Commercialisation of a rapid and simple field test for the serodiagnosis of bovine brucellosis. The test is novel and ground-breaking as it is more reliable and better priced than any of the current methods used to detect bovine brucellosis, capable of being performed at the animal's side (point-of-care), without need for refrigeration or electricity, and provides the user with a result in 15 minutes.



By using the developed field test, identification and tracing of animals and their owners is less problematic; intervening measures to control the disease could be started immediately (with much lower risk of further transmission and spread of the infection); and the test result can be shown to the owner of the animal while the implications of the result are explained. Ultimately this project aims to improve the current bovine brucellosis disease diagnosis, reporting, management and safety throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, improving not only the overall health status of communities burdened by the disease, but the general socio-economic status through more frequent testing, which directly minimises the risk for new bovine and human cases.


Project Team

Mr Louis Roux

Project Leader and Coordinator

Managing Director at Lifeassay Diagnostics Cape Town - South Africa


Prof Davies M Pfukenyi

Project Coordinator and Senior Scientist

Dean, Faculty of Veterinary Science University of Zimbabwe, Harare - Zimbabwe


Ms Boitumelo Modise

Senior Scientist and Brucellosis Expert 

Senior Scientific Officer, Head of Molecular Biology Section - Botswana

National Veterinary Laboratory

Project Type

Flagship project

Countries involved