Marula Kernels Extraction for Natural Seed Oil

Marula Kernels Extraction for Natural Seed Oil

Funded by Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH)


Marula trees are in high concentrations in several areas of Botswana, one of which is the Tswapong tribal area. With the advent of the natural products revolution, the benefits of exotic seed oils to human skin, hair and nails are becoming common knowledge. The tree and all parts of it have been studied for decades. The chemical composition of marula oil lends itself well to the treatment of stretch marks, scars, blemishes, uneven skin tone. Its high antioxidative stability makes it perfectly suited for the prevention of the ageing of the skin. Marula processing has however been inefficient due the lack of suitable technology to extract marula kernels to replace the traditional means of hand-and-stone. Blue Pride has been able to formulate a very simple but efficient strategy for becoming a dominant producer of marula oil in Botswana and has developed marula decorticating machinery with an engineering firm in South Africa to optimise the process.

The project involves:
• Introduction of mechanisation to the marula kernel extraction process and oil extraction to multiply current marula oil output and thereby deepen the social and economic impact that commercialisation of marula oil production has on rural communities in Botswana.

The technology will enable the company to reach new production levels at a fraction of the current cost (both time and money). With the use of its new and affordable technology Blue Pride will quickly service a great number of rural communities from which it will buy marula stones. This means that the company and Botswana may soon become the major exporters of this product within SADC member states. By sourcing wild marula from the communities and placing part of the processes in rural villages, Blue Pride could generateemployment for women, giving a sustainable source of income to the most economically vulnerable members of the rural societies.


Mr Mnguni Israel Zulu
Project Manager – Botswana
Blue Pride (Pty) Ltd

Mrs Thandie Lebotse-Zulu
Blue Pride (Pty) Ltd – Botswana

Mr Gert Lubbe
Industrial Partner – South Africa
Destek Design CC


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Seed project

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