Broiler chicken feed with Moringa oleifera

Broiler chicken feed with Moringa oleifera

The prices of broiler feed have been escalating, thereby reducing the viability of the poultry industry in the SADC region and the world over (Mungate 2013). Additionally high mortality rates of 5-10%, morbidity, decreased preference for broiler meat due to higher fat content and lack of appealing colour have been reported. This project seeks to produce low cost Moleifera broiler feed that results in reduced mortality and morbidity rates, tasty meat of low fat content, longer shelf life and appealing golden brown colour. The project will improve chicken nutrition through the utilisation of Moleifera feed within the SADC region.

The project involves:
• Intellectual property protection, development of the business goal, packaging designs and prototype demonstrations during the inception phase.
• Pilot and commercial scale production of the feed.
• Establishing the feed distribution channels and distribution contracts signed with distribution agents.
• Commissioning a feed manufacturing Plant for commencement of feed production.
• Further product research and development done in South Africa.Certification of the product will be done by Standards Association of Zimbabwe.

The economic benefits of the project will be reduced costs to small scale farmers who are in poultry production; a farmer keeping 8000 birds/year i.e. 1000/six week cycle under conventional feeding requires 24 000 kg feed/year costing US$14 640. When the same farmer use Moleifera feed for the same number of broilers with the same quantity of feed over one year, he/she will need US$13 200, making a saving of US$1 440/year. The Social Benefits derived from using Moleifera feed include improved diets and employment generation. The feed derives some ingredients from the Moringa oleifera tree. Moringa trees also provide ecological benefits such as; wind breaks, improved water quality and air through carbon sequestration.


Dr Christopher Tafara Gadzirayi
Project Leader – Zimbabwe
Bindura University of Science Education

Prof. Joseph Jimu Baloyi
Product Development Expert – South Africa
University of Venda

Mr Don Hativagone
Commercial Partner – Zimbabwe
Codeco (Pvt) Ltd

Mrs Marah Hativagone
Business Strategist – Zimbabwe
Codeco (Pvt) Ltd

Ms Dadirayi Manyumwa
Agronomist – Zimbabwe
Bindura University of Science Education

Project Type

Seed project

Countries involved