Dr Sechaba Bareetseng

SANBio Programme Manager

Dr Sechaba Bareetseng is a highly experienced manager with a proven aptitude to manage different projects. Before being appointed as the SANBio Hub manager and subsequently SANBio Programme Manager, Dr Bareetseng was managing the Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Biodiversity Management portfolio within the then CSIR Biosciences Natural Product and Agroprocessing Technology Platform (now the Bioprospecting and Agroprocessing Technology Platform). His management experience includes roles such as Deputy Director of Biotechnology and Policy Implementation and Deputy Director of Hydrogen Economy at the Department of Science South Africa, and Technology Transfer Officer at the Medical Research Council’s Innovation Centre.

Dr Sechaba holds a PhD in Microbiology, a Master’s Degree in Management in Innovation Studies, as well as a Diploma in Management Advancement Programme as well as a Post-doctoral research experience in biotechnology.